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About Us

Cake Decorating Solutions, a family owned business run by Luke and Allison, is made up of a team of cake decorating experts dedicated to helping you find the right tools, fondant, chocolate, and cake for the job!

During the week you can visit us at any of our six (more planned for 2014) stores and talk with the team about your project, or browse at your leisure for all those goodies that you really need (want) to have!

And if you've just lost a couple of hours on Facebook and Pinterest learning the latest techniques, it doesn't matter that it's 10pm - visit our online store where you can opt to pick up your goodies at the nearest store in the morning, or have them shipped to you during the week.**

Serving the baking industry for years, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service, a great range of high quality products at the lowest prices, and cake decorating solutions for all your cake decorating needs.

*It's OK - we have a great range of cake decorating storage solutions for when you outgrow your current storage.
**Cake Decorating Solutions take no responsibility for fueling your cake decorating addiction.

Cheap Wholesale Cake Decorating Supplies

Decorating a cake is an art that has been practiced almost as long as people have been baking. At Cake Decorating Solutions we take pride in our family owned cake decorating supplies and training business and we are always eager to share some of our tips and ideas on cake decoration. When looking for cake decorating supplies, Sydney CBD residents know they will find the widest selection of decorating items as well as ideas from our large staff of cake decorating experts. We handle all of the major brands of decorating equipment and accessories, including Wilton, Bakels and Orchard, to name a few. Our staff will be happy to help you choose the right kind of decorating materials such as toppers, cupcake papers and cakeboards. And, if you wish, we will be more than happy to show you how to decorate your cakes and make the most of your creative talents. Our talented staff will consult with you and discuss the different options available. You will find the finished product delightful.

Online Cake Decorating Supplies in Australia

If you would like to decorate your own cakes but don't know where to start, there is no need to be intimidated by the examples of the efforts of others. With a little bit of training, the right tool, and a little bit of patience, most people will find the art of cake decorating fun and rewarding. The first requirement is to gather a set of decorating supplies. For those of you shopping for cake decorating supplies, central coast NSW shoppers will find we carry all the tools to make a beautiful cake creation on your own.

Cheap Cake Decorating Supplies Au

If you are one of those who wonders how a friend or relative can make cakes that look too good to eat, don't feel like you are alone. There is no need to continue to feel envious as the staff at Cake Decorating Solutions can provide you with the tips, equipment, supplies and ideas needed to have you decorating cakes like a pro in short order. For a collection of classic cake decorating supplies, customers have been getting all of the tools of their trade from us and have developed a sense of trust that they are getting the highest quality products available.

If you want to get the best results, it is important to start with the right ingredients as well as the right equipment. For starters, make sure you have a high quality frosting spatula. The other tools that are the key to cake decorating success are the icing tips. These can be purchased as a kit that will include varying sizes of star tips, shell tips, rose tips and many others. For these items and other edible cake decorating supplies, residents in Australia know they can find just about everything from frosting tips to decorator toothpicks at Cake Decorating Solutions.

One area that novice cake decorators often forget or don't consider, are the types of cakes to decorate. If you are just starting to learn about cake decorating, it is important to start with a cake that is sturdy and able to stand up to the prodding, pinching and pulling that the beginner will often subject a cake to. Skip the sponge cake on your first effort.

Wholesale Cake Decorating Supplies Sydney

For those who have never decorated a cake, we offer decorating ideas and classes for every type of event or theme. We will discuss with you what your ideas are regarding the cake so that it will results in a perfectly tailored product that represents your tastes and wishes. While we do not ship our decorating supplies internationally, we do use both Fastways couriers as well as Express post for deliveries within Australia. In addition to discount cake decorating supplies, customers can receive training through our cake decorating classrooms and instructional training programs. When working with us on your cake, we will discuss with you the theme you are trying to communicate as well as any other special requirements. For those who are ordering their own complete cake decorating supplies, customers can get tips and suggestions from our experts as well. You will go to work following a tried and true process that yields the highest quality results. Decorations are made and allowed to dry. Special details that need to be painted on can then be applied with toothpicks. Through this entire process, patience and attention to detail are absolutely required by the decorator. Our experts will guide you through the process and are always available to help you with particular issues or problems you may be having with your cake decorating project.